Jerry de Vos

research hardware engineer

Jerry de Vos, an industrial engineer by education, is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for both small and large-scale problems. From a young age, he has had a passion for creating his own toys, tools, and technologies. This lifelong pursuit has evolved into a focus on two key themes: plastics and open-source hardware.

Currently, he works as a research hardware engineer at TU Delft, where he can combine both his passions. In this role, he empowers others to embrace open-source principles by making their projects accessible to all. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, he strives to open up technology and foster creative problem-solving.

Jerry started an impactful initiative called the Plastic Scanner project. This project aims to identify different types of plastic for recycling, contributing significantly to the fight against plastic pollution. Leveraging his expertise, he works towards developing practical solutions to address this global challenge head-on.

Jerry believes in the power of collective action and the transformative potential of open-source collaboration. He aims to inspire and drive change for a cleaner and more sustainable future.