Jerry de Vos

research hardware engineer

On behalf of mankind: thank you for sharing!

Jerry always invented and made things, already as a child. After his study, he joined the Precious Plastic project: people looking for down-to-earth solutions for actual acute problems. Plastic is everywhere around us, but it also stays around for hundreds of years. People should use less plastic, reuse it, decreasing our dependency on fossil fuel and cleaning the environment. The only way to make fast innovations possible is to collaborate beyond individuals and companies and make sure that projects don’t belong to one person or a patent, a company or a government; it should belong to mankind in general.

Jerry de Vos, an industrial engineer by education, is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for both small and large-scale problems. This pursuit has evolved into a focus on two key themes: plastics and open-source hardware. Currently, he works as a research hardware engineer at TU Delft, where he can combine both his passions.