Jetse Stoorvogel

professor integrated environmental modelling

Are we aiming for the wrong target? From environmental conservation to a liveable environment

The landscape is ever changing over time. Many of the changes are on purpose and desired, but there are also negative, undesired changes. What are we aiming for in the future? What would we like to conserve? When focusing on the future we need to agree upon the characteristics of a future liveable environment (the ecosystem services): it should be safe, productive and there should be space for living and outdoor recreation. We need to make the shift from environmental conservation to a liveable environment in the future. The debate should focus on defining the liveable environment through selected ecosystem services, and identify the pathways how to hit this target.

Jetse Stoorvogel is an environmental scientist with a background in soil science, (tropical) agriculture, and environmental modelling. His research focuses on the complex feedbacks between land management and natural resources. He is specifically interested in modelling these feedbacks for informed decision making and stakeholder discussions.